Common Problem With Trunks

Common Problems with Trunks
In this topic, you learn about common VLAN and trunking issues, which usually are associated with incorrect configurations. When you are configuring VLANs and trunks on a switched infrastructure, these types of configuration errors are most common in the following order:
Native VLAN mismatches - Trunk ports are configured with different native VLANs, for example, if one port has defined VLAN 99 as the native VLAN and the other trunk port has defined VLAN 100 as the native VLAN. This configuration error generates console notifications, causes control and management traffic to be misdirected and, as you have learned, poses a security risk.
Trunk mode mismatches - One trunk port is configured with trunk mode "off" and the other with trunk mode "on". This configuration error causes the trunk link to stop working.
Allowed VLANs on trunks - The list of allowed VLANs on a trunk has not been updated with the current VLAN trunking requirements. In this situation, unexpected traffic or no traffic is being sent over the trunk.
If you have discovered an issue with a VLAN or trunk and do not know what the problem is, start your troubleshooting by examining the trunks for a native VLAN mismatch and then work down the list. The rest of this topic examines how to fix the common problems with trunks. The next topic presents how to identify and solve incorrectly configured VLAN and IP subnets.


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