Distance Vector Technology

As the name implies, distance vector means that routes are advertised as vectors of distance and direction. Distance is defined in terms of a metric such as hop count and direction is simply the next-hop router or exit interface.

A router using a distance vector routing protocol does not have the knowledge of the entire path to a destination network. Instead the router knows only:
The direction or interface in which packets should be forwarded and
The distance or how far it is to the destination networkOperation of Distance Vector Routing Protocols
Some distance vector routing protocols call for the router to periodically broadcast the entire routing table to each of its neighbors. This method is inefficient because the updates not only consume bandwidth but also consume router CPU resources to process the updates.

Distance vector routing protocols share certain characteristics.

Periodic Updates are sent at regular intervals (30 seconds for RIP and 90 seconds for IGRP). Even if the topology has not changed in several days, periodic updates continue to be sent to all neighbors.
Neighbors are routers that share a link and are configured to use the same routing protocol. The router is only aware of the network addresses of its own interfaces and the remote network addresses it can reach through its neighbors. It has no broader knowledge of the network topology. Routers using distance vector routing are not aware of the network topology.
Broadcast Updates are sent to Neighboring routers that are configured with the same routing protocol will process the updates. All other devices will also process the update up to Layer 3 before discarding it. Some distance vector routing protocols use multicast addresses instead of broadcast addresses.

Entire Routing Table Updates are sent, with some exceptions to be discussed later, periodically to all neighbors. Neighbors receiving these updates must process the entire update to find pertinent information and discard the rest. Some distance vector routing protocols like EIGRP do not send periodic routing table updates.


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