Establishing a PPP Session

Establishing a PPP Session
Phase 1: Link establishment and configuration negotiation - Before PPP exchanges any network layer datagrams (for example, IP), the LCP must first open the connection and negotiate configuration options. This phase is complete when the receiving router sends a configuration-acknowledgment frame back to the router initiating the connection.
Phase 2: Link quality determination (optional) - The LCP tests the link to determine whether the link quality is sufficient to bring up network layer protocols. The LCP can delay transmission of network layer protocol information until this phase is complete.
Phase 3: Network layer protocol configuration negotiation - After the LCP has finished the link quality determination phase, the appropriate NCP can separately configure the network layer protocols, and bring them up and take them down at any time. If the LCP closes the link, it informs the network layer protocols so that they can take appropriate action.
The link remains configured for communications until explicit LCP or NCP frames close the link, or until some external event occurs (for example, an inactivity timer expires or a user intervenes). The LCP can terminate the link at any time. This is usually done when one of the routers requests termination, but can happen because of a physical event, such as the loss of a carrier or the expiration of an idle-period timer.
Establishing a Link With LCP

LCP Operation
LCP operation includes provisions for link establishment, link maintenance and link termination. LCP operation uses three classes of LCP frames to accomplish the work of each of the LCP phases:
Link-establishment frames establish and configure a link (Configure-Request, Configure-Ack, Configure-Nak, and Configure-Reject)
Link-maintenance frames manage and debug a link (Code-Reject, Protocol-Reject, Echo-Request, Echo-Reply, and Discard-Request)
Link-termination frames terminate a link (Terminate-Request and Terminate-Ack)
The first phase of LCP operation is link establishment. This phase must complete successfully, before any network layer packets can be exchanged. During link establishment, the LCP opens the connection and negotiates the configuration parameters.
PPP Configuration Options
PPP can be configured to support various functions including:
Authentication using either PAP or CHAP
Compression using either Stacker or Predictor
Multilink which combines two or more channels to increase the WAN bandwidth


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