Router Interfaces

The show interfaces command shows the status and gives a detailed description for all interfaces on the router. As you can see, the output from the command can be rather lengthy. To view the same information, but for a specific interface, such as FastEthernet 0/0, use the show interfaces command with a parameter that specifies the interface. For example:

R1#show interfaces fastethernet 0/0
FastEthernet0/0 is administratively down, line protocol is down

Notice that the interface is administratively down and the line protocol is down. Administratively down means that the interface is currently in the shutdown mode, or turned off. Line protocol is down means, in this case, that the interface is not receiving a carrier signal from a switch or the hub. This condition may also be due to the fact that the interface is in shutdown mode.
The show running-config command displays the current configuration file that the router is using. Configuration commands are temporarily stored in the running configuration file and implemented immediately by the router. Using this command is another way to verify the status of an interface such as FastEthernet 0/0.

R1#show running-config

interface FastEthernet0/0
no ip address

However, using show running-config is not necessarily the best way to verify interface configurations. Use the show ip interface brief command to quickly verify that interfaces are up and up (administratively up and line protocol is up).


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