STP Port States and BPDU Timer

Cisco PortFast Technology
PortFast is a Cisco technology. When a switch port configured with PortFast is configured as an access port, that port transitions from blocking to forwarding state immediately, bypassing the typical STP listening and learning states. You can use PortFast on access ports, which are connected to a single workstation or to a server, to allow those devices to connect to the network immediately rather than waiting for spanning tree to converge. If an interface configured with PortFast receives a BPDU frame, spanning tree can put the port into the blocking state using a feature called BPDU guard. Configuring BPDU guard is beyond the scope of this course.
Note: Cisco PortFast technology can be used to support DHCP. Without PortFast, a PC can send a DHCP request before the port is in forwarding state, denying the host from getting a usable IP address and other information. Because PortFast immediately changes the state to forwarding, the PC always gets a usable IP address.
For more information on configuring BPDU guard, see:
Note: Because the purpose of PortFast is to minimize the time that access ports must wait for spanning tree to converge, it should be used only on access ports. If you enable PortFast on a port connecting to another switch, you risk creating a spanning-tree loop.
To configure PortFast on a switch port, enter the spanning-tree portfast interface configuration mode command on each interface that PortFast is to be enabled.
To disable PortFast, enter the no spanning-tree portfast interface configuration mode command on each interface that PortFast is to be disabled.
To verify that PortFast has been enabled for a switch port, use the show running-config privileged EXEC mode command. The absence of the spanning-tree portfast command in the running configuration for an interface indicates that PortFast has been disabled for that interface. PortFast is disabled on all interfaces by default.


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