Wireless Lan Standard

Wi-Fi Certification
Wi-Fi certification is provided by the Wi-Fi Alliance (http://www.wi-fi.org), a global, nonprofit, industry trade association devoted to promoting the growth and acceptance of WLANs. You will better appreciate the importance of Wi-Fi certification if you consider the role of the Wi-Fi Alliance in the context of WLAN standards.
Standards ensure interoperability between devices made by different manufacturers. Internationally, the three key organizations influencing WLAN standards are:
Wi-Fi Alliance
The ITU-R regulates the allocation of the RF spectrum and satellite orbits. These are described as finite natural resources that are in demand from such consumers as fixed wireless networks, mobile wireless networks, and global positioning systems.
The IEEE developed and maintains the standards for local and metropolitan area networks with the IEEE 802 LAN/MAN family of standards. IEEE 802 is managed by the IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee (LMSC), which oversees multiple working groups. The dominant standards in the IEEE 802 family are 802.3 Ethernet, 802.5 Token Ring, and 802.11 Wireless LAN.
Although the IEEE has specified standards for RF modulation devices, it has not specified manufacturing standards, so interpretations of the 802.11 standards by different vendors can cause interoperability problems between their devices.
The Wi-Fi Alliance is an association of vendors whose objective is to improve the interoperability of products that are based on the 802.11 standard by certifying vendors for conformance to industry norms and adherence to standards. Certification includes all three IEEE 802.11 RF technologies, as well as early adoption of pending IEEE drafts, such as 802.11n, and the WPA and WPA2 security standards based on IEEE 802.11i.
The roles of these three organizations can be summarized as follows:
ITU-R regulates allocation of RF bands.
IEEE specifies how RF is modulated to carry information.
Wi-Fi ensures that vendors make devices that are interoperable.


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