Configuring RIPng With IPv6

Configure RIPng with IPv6:
When configuring supported routing protocols in IPv6, you must create the routing process, enable the routing process on interfaces, and customize the routing protocol for your particular network.
Before configuring the router to run IPv6 RIP, globally enable IPv6 using the ipv6 unicast-routing global configuration command, and enable IPv6 on any interfaces on which IPv6 RIP is to be enabled.
To enable RIPng routing on the router, use the ipv6 router ripname global configuration command. The name parameter identifies the RIP process. This process name is used later when configuring RIPng on participating interfaces.
For RIPng, instead of using the network command to identify which interfaces should run RIPng, you use the command ipv6 ripnameenable in interface configuration mode to enable RIPng on an interface. The name parameter must match the name parameter in the ipv6 router rip command.
Enabling RIP on an interface dynamically creates a "router rip" process if necessary.

Example: RIPng for IPv6 Configuration:
For the example consider a network of two routers. Router R1 is connected to the default network. On both router R2 and router R1, the name RT0 identifies the RIPng process. RIPng is enabled on the first Ethernet interface of router R1 using the ipv6 rip RT0 enable command. Router R2 shows that RIPng is enabled on both Ethernet interfaces using the ipv6 rip RT0 enable command.
This configuration allows Ethernet 1 on router R2 and the Ethernet 0 interfaces of both routers to exchange RIPng routing information.

Verifying Troubleshooting RIPng for IPv6:
After configuring RIPng, verification is required. The figure lists the various show commands you can use.

show ipv6 interface : Displays the status of interfaces configured for IPv6.
show ipv6 interface brief : Displays a summarized status of interfaces configured for IPv6.
show ipv6 neighbors : Displays IPv6 neighbor discovery cache information.
show ipv6 protocol :Displays the parameters and current state of the active IPv6 routing protocol processes.
show ipv6 rip :Displays information about the current
show ipv6 route :Displays the current IPv6 routing table.
show ipv6 route summary :Displays a summarized form of the current IPv6 routing table
show ipv6 routers :Displays IPv6 router advertisement information received from other routers.
show ipv6 static :Displays only static IPv6 routes installed in the routing table.
show ipv6 static 2001:db8:5555:0/16 :Displays only static route information about the specific address given.
show ipv6 static interface serial 0/0 : Displays only static route information with the specified interface as the outgoing interface.
show ipv6 static detail : Displays a more detailed entry for IPv6 static routes.
show ipv6 traffic :Displays statistics about IPv6 traffic.


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