How To increase Your Google Page Rank

Google PageRank (PR) is a measure from 0 -10 of how important Google thinks a webpage is. In Google's eyes a web page with a PageRank of 10/10 is very important and a web page with a PageRank of 0/10 is not very important. If you have the Google toolbar installed on your browser then it will automatically tell you the PageRank of any webpage you are looking at, if you do not have one then you can check PageRank by visiting the following website.

Generally websites with higher PageRank will get better rankings in Google's search results. Google takes into consideration many things when it is calculating PageRank, the most important factor is the amount of quality incoming links a webpage has. Generally the more quality links a webpage has, the higher the PageRank will be, therefore you can increase PageRank by gaining more quality links.PageRank updates about once every three months. People have come up with ways of trying to predict what your PageRank is likely to be at the next update and although no one can tell for sure the guys at Iwebtool have come up with a pretty good prediction tool.

This tool does not always get it right, and it is mainly for entertainment purposes only. However if you work hard at link building you will see your predicted PageRank increase and when the next update comes you should see your PageRank increase.Google’s page rank system has indeed added a very interesting twist on the whole search engine optimization (SEO) game. SEO is no longer what it used to be and for the most part it is grossly misunderstood. On-site optimization, these days, count for very little. It all boils down to off-site optimization and this is where page rank (PR) comes in. A high page rank is vital in achieving high traffic rankings with Google. ‘How to increase Google page rank’ is an important question that must be answered if you are serious about improving your search engine traffic.

First of all, it’s important to distinguish between page rank (PR) and traffic rank. Traffic rank is where you are positioned on a specific search term. Page rank is Google’s ranking system that they use to determine the importance of your website or web page. A PR of 10 is the highest and a PR of 0 the lowest and if Google banned your site from their index then you won’t even have a PR.The reason why page rank is so important is because it greatly effects your search engine placement. On low competition terms this does not necessarily matter that much, but then again, it’s only a matter of time before you will be out ranked by someone else. Suppose 3 websites target exactly the same keyword or key phrase. What will determine which one gets the best ranking on a search of that term? The answer is the page rank. A site with a PR of 7 is perceived to be more important than a PR 5 or 6 and Google will place it above the two with lower PR’s.

If you are looking for ways to increase Google page rank, there are some very simple steps you can follow immediately to start improving yours. Always remember that Google is looking for ‘importance’. So, how can Google tell if your site is important or not? Remember that Google is nothing but an index, and like a library index, it is designed to make it easier for you to find the most relevant information quickly. The more important your site, the better the chance that your site’s information will be displayed on a relevant search.

One of the most effective ways to increase your perceived importance with Google is when other important sites think you are important. This is not really a new concept and we see this in advertising all the time. Companies pay ‘important people’ to endorse their products and the thought behind it is that if this important person finds the product useful then it must be good.

Google’s thinking is very much the same. If you can get important sites to link to you, you can improve your page rank and consequently improve your search engine traffic. In highly competitive niches this is very important and with a high page rank you can break into virtually any market. The most effective strategies for how to increase Google page rank, is to get other sites to link to you and in doing so, you can convince Google just how important your site really is.

The whole idea of link building has been debated to death and there are numerous theories and ‘black hat’ tricks out there. Here are some tips that will help you increase your Google page rank effectively.

-:- The higher the page rank of the site that links to you the better, but relevance is equally important. Make sure that the site that links back to you is at least in the same niche as yours. Random links mean nothing to Google – remember that it is all about perceived importance and relevance.

-:- Build your links gradually. Google’s robot is not as stupid as many people make it out to be. If you get 100 links in one day this will definitely red flag your site. The best way to do it is to gradually and consistently build links back to your site.

-:- One way links rule! A one way link is worth much more than a reciprocal link. Many so-called ‘link farms’ act as link exchanges where you can exchange links with other sites in your niche. Although Google value one way links more than a reciprocal links, it still counts – we just don’t know how long for. As far as I can gather Google does not like link exchanges.

With software like SEO Elite you are able to find the high PR websites in your niche and build back links from them. SEO Elite ‘spies’ on the top sites in your niche to see where they get their links from and it even checks whether you can get a free (one-way or reciprocal) link from them. Sniffing out those PR 7 and 8 sites in your niche is priceless and it only takes a couple of these to take your own PR up to that level.


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