Securing Administrative Access to Routers

Securing Administrative Access to Routers
Network administrators can connect to a router or switch locally or remotely. Local access through the console port is the preferred way for an administrator to connect to a device to manage it because it is secure. As companies get bigger and the number of routers and switches in the network grows, the administrator workload to connect to all the devices locally can become overwhelming.

Remote administrative access is more convenient than local access for administrators that have many devices to manage. However, if it is not implemented securely, an attacker could collect valuable confidential information. For example, implementing remote administrative access using Telnet can be very insecure because Telnet forwards all network traffic in clear text. An attacker could capture network traffic while an administrator is logged in remotely to a router and sniff the administrator passwords or router configuration information. Therefore, remote administrative access must be configured with additional security precautions.
To secure administrative access to routers and switches, first you will secure the administrative lines (VTY, AUX), then you will configure the network device to encrypt traffic in an SSH tunnel.


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